Hi! I'm Rochelle and this right here is the most realest*, safe spaceiest*, and whole-life-wellness-oriented corner of the internet. Possibly even the world.**

I'm a yoga teacher, food writer, social media manager, cook, and eating disorder survivor/recovery advocate. 

*not actual words
**probably debatable, don't fact-check me

Work Things:
I currently work on all things creative on a freelance basis (say hi!) In other iterations of myself, I have been the Social Media Director at Cooking Light Magazine, and senior associate editor and the social media manager at Bon Appétit. Before that, I lived, worked, and cooked on a small, draft-powered farm in Cazenovia, NY. Before THAT, I received a degree from The International Culinary Center in Manhattan.

Food Things:
I love cooking. It's literally my favorite thing in the whole world.

Book Things:
I wrote a book! The Call of the Farm was published by The Experiment in 2014. It's a memoir of food, love, farming, and self-discovery. 

Yoga Things:
I first fell in love with yoga over a sweaty, heated flow while living in New York City. The dynamic athleticism of hot power yoga spoke to me, and I practiced that style for years. I was later introduced to Dharma yoga, and through that experience, began to learn about the philosophy behind the asana, and discovered that yoga wasn’t “just” a workout. I studied with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York, an experience that helped my practice evolve and grow.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training with O Yoga and Boston Yoga School, studying with Tiffany Cagwin, Ame Wren, Kevin Courtney, Brenna Matthews, and Zachery Dacuk. I continue my studies and training today through the Iyengar lineage, focusing on my respect for the physical body as a teaching tool and entry point toward greater wisdom. A class with me is a light-hearted lesson in alert, effortful determination. Come prepared to work hard, work focused, and check in rather than check out. You can also expect to crack a few smiles along the way!

Eating Disorder Recovery Things
I'm a bulimia survivor and whole-self wellness advocate. I believe that although difficult, recovery is worth it. It is my hope that through speaking openly and honestly about my journey to health, we will steadily remove the stigma attached to admitting personal struggle and seeking help.

Social Things:
Instagram: @RochelleBilow
Twitter: @RochelleBilow
Pinterest: @RochelleBilow
LinkedIn: Rochelle Bilow