Eating Disorder Recovery + What Actually Worked for Me

February 26-March 4, 2017 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. I am proudly healthy, and I also I believe that recovery is a lifelong journey. All week, I'll be sharing thoughts about the joys (and struggles) along the way.

Please know that some topics and language used may be triggering to those in a vulnerable state.

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If you're an eating disorder recovery warrior, you're surely familiar with the list. You know, The List. The list of self-care activities you can engage in when you feel tempted to regress into unhealthy behaviors. The List is sweet and well-meaning, but I have never found it to be particularly useful. 

The details may look different, but The List always contains some iteration of the following items: take a bubble bath, call a friend, go for a walk, write a letter, and make tea. All positive choices! All things we should do!

But I have to be honest. In a moment of crisis, when I am tempted to binge and purge, or when I feel itchy in my own skin, or when I'm aggravated or stressed and just need a way to fucking deal, a bubble bath ain't gonna cut it.

Over the years, I've cultivated my own list of healing activities. This is self-care I actually want to do.

  • Embark on a crazy baking project. No time like the present to tackle a pie braid, right?
  • Love up on some animals. I'm lucky enough to have friends with farms, so I can hang with my sheeps whenever I need a fix. 
  • Clean all of the things. Binge-cleaning is preferable to bingeing on food.
  • Paint my nails. For a full hour, I can do nothing but listen to podcasts and watch the paint dry. 
  • Attend a power or hot yoga class. When I crave dynamic and intense physicality, there is nothing better than a sweaty vinyasa flow.
  • Car karaoke. If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love jamming out in my car. Preferably to Prince. 
  • Adult coloring books. Or kid coloring books. Whatever. 
  • Browse Etsy for hours. And hours and hours and hours.
  • Get my Pinterest on. Who knew there were so many options for outdoor showers? 
  • Go to a café. Sometimes it's just nice to be alone in a crowd. And sometimes I bring my coloring books. 
  • Stand on my head. Inversions are a powerful antidote for depression. Some more gentle options for inversions are: supported shoulder stand, legs up the wall with your bum on a bolster, block, or blanket, and supported bridge.


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  Car karaoke will cure what ails you.

Car karaoke will cure what ails you.