10 Ways to Use Sesame Oil

I love, love, love, love, love toasted sesame oil. It's my go-to, put-it-on-everything, food-fixer-upper. I'm particularly keen on Flora Health's lightly toasted, nitrogen-flushed version. It has a full, richly rounded and nutty flavor that gracefully dances a tightrope of sweet and savory.

The smoke point is mid-range (350˚), so while I wouldn't use it for high-heat sautéeing or searing, I do bake with it and use it as a dressing and sauce. I've outlined a few ways I have eaten Flora's sesame oil over the last few weeks, to prove to you how versatile it really is.

  • Drizzled on a corn tortilla with banana, avocado, honeycomb, black sesame seeds, and sea salt
  • Swirled into plain yogurt
  • As a marinade for tempeh (I added curry powder, fresh ginger, shallot, and a little brown sugar)
  • In a salad dressing with lime zest and juice, creamy peanut butter, sea salt, and cumin
  • As the base of a sauce for roasted chicken (Whisk together with barley miso, a touch of maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar)
  • Baked into banana bread 
  • Poured liberally on dairy-free banana ice cream
  • Massaged into raw kale with a pinch of kosher salt to tenderize it
  • Added to the dregs of a tahini jar to thin it out
  • Added to garlicky stir-fried grains just before serving.

What's your favorite way to use sesame oil?

Thank you to Flora for making wonderful products—and for sponsoring this post!